Our Mission

Authentic Men's Group (AMG) exists to help men get real in order to get what they really want in their personal, relational and professional life.

Our Vision

AMG will give men opportunities to get what they really want by getting real through authenticity and vulnerability with other men in the following phases of life:

Discover who they are, what they really want, and how to get it through processing the challenges, trials and victories of life and relationships.   


Maintenance how to live the life they really want in ongoing health and wholeness of life and relationships.






Benevolence as they give to others in life and relationships.


Members will be men of integrity, honesty and truth and will live this out in the Circle of Relationships.


Members will be authentic with everyone and vulnerable with a select few and will practice a life of openness in intimate relationships.


Members will believe themselves to be men of great worth with inherent goodness of character and design.


Members believe that every man has a place of influence where he can effectively invoke positive change.


Members believe that creativity and ingenuity should rise from within the organization and be given expression as a gift to the organization.


Members believe that the best good of a man is evident when he gives to others.


Members are present in their Circle of Relationship’s through joy in their life and invite others to this joy.

Our Plan

AMG will:

  1. Provide a confidential small group environment where men can be authentic and vulnerable about relationship struggles and successes.
  2. Give men access to insights of professional and/or experienced life coaches for the purpose of personal, relational and vocational growth.
  3. Supply men with resources that inspire personal, relational and vocational growth.
  4. Present men opportunities for meaningful connection and social interaction.


Fly on the Wall (podcast)
Fly on the Wall

Listen in on a sample AMG session in this podcast epiosode.

Fly on the Wall (Podcast)
What is AMG

Wonder what group is like? Listen to this podcast & learn what we're all about.